Friday, September 7, 2007

A Blast From the Past

It's funny how I can't even remember why I left the kitchen to go to the livingroom, or why I just opened a new tab in Firefox ...

But as I stood at the bus stop this afternoon waiting for the bus to come, I recognized a man probably in his 80s and blurted out Are you Mr. Kroenig?

Kroenig? Where did that just come from, I thought to myself. How did I just pull that name out of my ass? ... still thinking to self. How could I have possibly remembered the name of my 7th grade Social Studies teacher!? I didn't even strain to remember it. I could understand if he was my all-time favorite teacher; you know, like teachers in the movies - Hillary Swank the Freedom Writer or even Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson who managed to change their students' lives. Although Mr. Kroenig didn't inspire me to send my journal to one of the last living Holocaust survivors, I guess he must've done something right!

Isn't the mind such a beautiful thing?

I spent the entire ride catching up with Mr. Kroenig, reminiscing about the good old days. He said that I wasn't the first student that he's bumped into on the bus. As I left the bus, he handed me a slip of paper and said if you ever need to contact me just shoot me an email. The paper had his email address and the name "Leo" instead of Mr. Kroenig =)

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Hillsy said...

Ahhh, the old "first name and email address on a slip of paper while riding the bus" pick-up line.

That man's smoooooth. ;)