Sunday, September 9, 2007

2 awful, 1 ok and 1 eh movie-weekend + Hillsy's 5-star Kettle Popcorn

We saw lots of movies this weekend. ONCE was ok, Luis probably built it up too much. The one song that kept playing over and over again irritated the crap out of everybody but overall I enjoyed it but I wouldn't go around telling people that they had to see it!

UPDATE 4:06pm
[Amanda asked me what I thought about ONCE and I gave her a little more than "OK" and thought I'd share it...]
Once was Okay. It was one of those nice and quiet movies. Not a lot of "doing" but a lot of underlying "feelings" buried in the background and in the music. I feel like it's a movie that you have to let "IN" (wholeheartedly), in order to love it. The more I think about it, I think its affect is highly dependent on the viewer's mood. I liked it but I didn't LOOOVVE it. I guess my heart was kinda closed on Sunday =)

The other three movies wasted 6 hours of my life (Bobby was not as bad as the other two), so I will not waste any more of my life and will not be providing a summary of how bad they were but will leave you with a DO NOT ADD TO YOUR NETFLIX QUEUE warning:

Thank goodness for Hillsy's 5-star Kettle Popcorn!

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