Monday, August 20, 2007

Trend Spot: Rubber band bracelets

I've been noticing more and more guys wearing plain old rubber bands as fashion accessories. I especially like the way the guy on the lower right mixes it up - different sizes and colors worn all at once.

If you plan on partaking in this trend, may I suggest choosing rubber bands that are slightly loose. It can't be that comfortable to choke your wrist like the guy in the stripe/checks shirt.


amanda said...

yeah, i've seen some people do that too. i'm not sure it might have started with a basketball player... i'll have to do some research. enjoyed the post!

amanda said...

i love google.


Kevin Carroll, a former Nike executive responsible for ushering creative ideas to implementation, traces the bracelet's origin to the thick rubber bands that basketball players wear --- a trend he dates back to Philadelphia street games in the 1970s.

On one level, the bands functioned as a kind of underground street fashion. On another, they had a purpose: The players snapped them on their wrists to help keep their focus during games.

Then the paradigm shifted just a little: The rubber bands now had their first layer of meaning.

More and more NBA players, banned from wearing jewelry during play, took to wearing rubber bands.

Marichelle said...

Thanks for the info! I know that rubber bands have also been linked to anorexia. Rubber bands are often used to help suppress appetite by snapping it against the wrist whenever a hunger pang strikes and basically trains the sufferer to not think about eating.

Luis said...

I think you are both reading too much into this. This is not about's about being practical. These people are simply heroin addicts (or just Crackheads, if you will) who need to have some kind of inconspicuous rubber item that will help them find a vein whenever they need a quick hit. Give it some thought, it makes sense.