Thursday, August 16, 2007

Making sense of Internet jargon

As somebody who worked in the online industry for many many years, using Internet jargon is second nature to me. But that's not true for everyone, specially my mom!

So check out and be in the know, the next time you hear minisite, web 2.0, or social networking. They also have a collection of instant messaging acronyms - JSYK (just so you know), IM2BZ2P (I'm to busy to even pee).


brett said...

Wouldn't that be "IM2BZ2EP"? These are great, but I gotta say, it's WAY more fun to make up your own. As a reaction to hearing a now ex-co-worker go on and on about something, I typed to a friend POEOWS. Stands for "poking own eye out with stick".

And why exactly is there an emoticon for "beaver"? Am I allowed to even ask that?

Hillsy said...

My personal favorites are Hitler


and the world famous malnourished kitten peeking over a fence


You won't find THAT on You Tube.

Marichelle said...

Don't forget about:


Marichelle said...

oh and I'm not sure about Beaver?! Come to think of it, when will i ever need to use :-)8<

brett said...

I'm afraid to ask what that one even is. I do like the Hilter one, tho, especially since he was known for his cute online alter-ago (as far as I remember from highschool history classes).

Tom said...

BVRAFRD of hillsy. I can't believe hitler would even make your top 2. What is next 666? Redrum?

P.S. shouldn't hitler be :=|{ as opposed to /:=( ?

P.P.S. My personal favorite is Jonathan's facial expression playing the guitar.

Marichelle said...

tom, good one ;-)