Monday, August 13, 2007

The Human Swiffer

This reminds me of a "Saturday Night Live" skit I once saw - where they dressed two babies in outfits made out of "Swiffer" material. The babies rolled around the floor and picked up dust bunnies while playing.

Talk about multitasking! The bottom is removable and washable. Although, I think they could've worked on the look - maybe a collaboration with Christian Louboutin or Hush Puppies? Walk and clean your floors with the Slipper Ginnie.

(via techiediva).


Hillsy said...

I think they should also include a tiny bottle of swiffer floor polish inside the back of the shoe, so that every time you put one foot down it squirts onto the floor.

mj said...

One of the main reason i sometimes wear old socks at home is for this practical solution!!

Marichelle said...

MJ - Nathan and Anastasia would be great human swiffers =)