Monday, August 6, 2007

25% off Urban Outfitters (expires at midnight)

Urban Outfitters will be relaunching their website and has a 25% off promotion until midnight if you go check out the new site. Make sure you go to and not the live site. The 25% is automatically taken off, no need for a promo code.

Of course I can't resist any type of promotion and I bought a very much needed slip. I bought a dress on my trip that's a little too see-through to wear on its own and I refuse to sport the LYLO leggings look in 90 degree weather. Of course I could've convinced myself to find a vintage slip, but then I never would've gotten around to it and it would be 20 degress and there would no longer be a need for a slip because it would be too cold to wear a summer dress! Foresight is a virtue =)


brett said...

Thanks for sharing! May I be the first to say that their new site stinks? The product links are javascript calls, preventing opening them in tabs. Burdy, I think we just found an online presence that needs your skilz.

Marichelle said...

I think you should send your feedback to -- they actually want the good, the bad and the ugly!! Did you end up buying anything?

brett said...

No, nothing really jumped out at me. Spent a boatload on clothes this month at Woodbury Commons but still looking for pants that fit without not fitting. And UO's specialtiy is casual clothes, so I need to be "moved" at this point to buy more of those.