Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pinkberry: Case of the missing culture

I finally got around to tasting Pinkberry and I have to admit that it was pretty damn good. Lynda was originally not a fan - I suspected it was because she wasn't mentally prepared for the sour factor. Even I was a little surprised of the flavor explosion once the green tea sample hit my palette. I opted for the original flavor and loved every drop.

So I've been apparently hiding under a rock and was completely oblivious to the pinkberry "no yo no go" controversy. Lyn reports that no one knows what it's actually made out of and of course I say "that's impossible - I'll get to the bottom of this". Same way I nearly fell out of my seat when I noticed that the winner of the "Next Pussycat Doll" was again not part of the group during their Earth Day appearance and knew I had some research to do. What a complete hoax of a show. Good thing Melissa R. didn't win or else it would have been a waste of her talent. (This is really way too much information I'm giving you about my horrendous TV habits).

Anyway, like the missing PCD case - I told Lyn that I was so on the case and would get to the bottom of the Pinkberry mystery. More to come... I'm still finalizing my theory but have given you a bit of a teaser in the above image, stay tuned =)

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