Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY Mirror Revamp (again)

floral pom pom mirror

This poor mirror has been moved around so many times, sworn at, doilied & taped, and now? hot-glue!

I'm sure you have a similar piece around your house that you're not superly in love with, but you just can't quite give up on the poor thing! For me it's this IKEA mirror that I bought when we first moved into our house. We didn't have much money left in our decorating budget so I guess you can say I settled, which is always bad news right?

wax paper peony

wax paper dahlia

Anyway. So I spotted this flower-adorned mirror and immediately thought of my poor mirror! So I went searching for vintage fabric flowers on a recent antiquing trip, but after coming back empty handed I decided to reinterpret the look and make my own flowers. So I made a bunch of flowers (differing in size and style) and even spray painted some in metallic gold. Then I just hot glued them all onto the mirror! Once the glue is dry you can easily remove them from the mirror in case you end up unhappy with the layout (not that I would know or anything. ahem)You can check out an old Nice Package tutorial post if you're interested in making your own waxed paper pom pom flowers. Just a warning - they're fairly easy to make but they do take some time (and patience)! I may add a few more to my mirror, I'm still not happy with the balance!

The crazy thing is? I already know the next revamp for this mirror, just waiting to hear from one of my favorite artists! Stay tuned :)


Ez said...

You know I love it! And I can attest to it looking awesome in person as well! xo Ez

Mrs.Grinder said...

this is AMAZING! I've been seeing the tissue paper pompoms all over blog world & I've yet to try them.. spray painting them just might put them over the top & up to #1 on my list of things to do! xox

Bonbon Oiseau said...

I love how freaking ambitious you are sister! these are gorgeous!!!

Marichelle said...

Thanks girlies :)

Jenna said...

reminds me of this,un-miroir-borde-de-fleurs-en-carton,2610153,1911.asp

very cute :)

alishka-the diy mommy!!! said...

This is so pretty.... and so simple to do!!! I love it...:)

saracarver said...

i love it! but that link to the waxed paper pom pom flowers is disabled, would you ever do your own diy on them?