Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Emma Cate...

picks for Emma 03.21

1. Lambswool Petrol Blue Pencil Scarf
2. Giant dollhouse pillow (thanks for the tip Z!)
3. I'm saving this one for future birthday parties! DIY - Flower Crown by "miss" james of bleubird vintage

Baby food update - she ate the blenderized peas, ate the parsnips and went completely apey over the sweet potatoes. By the way, I found this great list of activities/games for the first year, I've started to incorporate them into our daily routine.


Ez said...

Adorable picks...and you know how I feel about the laaambswool. ;-)
And hello cutie pie Emma! You look fetching in your pink stripes! xo Ez

Clementine said...

Gah, you are killing me with this adorable collection, but that photo of Emma!!! Super-duper-cuteness-explosion!

melissa loves said...

gah. oh Em! You are the sweetest little thing! So happy and peaceful! And SO beautiful! :) I love these picks, hun! That pillow is crazy good and the little scarf? SO cute! Love it and so glad she is eating some of the good stuff you're making! :)

Anonymous said...

I forwarded the game link to my sister who's pregnant. I think it'll come in handy!

Laura said...

That scarf is soooo cute, I squealed when I saw it. Love all of your picks - that giant pillow would be a fun DIY. xo Laura