Monday, July 19, 2010

Bump Update: 36 Weeks


Four more weeks to go!!

So. About that easy & relaxing weekend... well it didn't turn out exactly as planned. Friday night was nice. Went out for some Thai food then caught the new flick Inception. Not sure if it was because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (love him) and Mr. Leo, but I really enjoyed it. The rest of the weekend was full of baby-related errands. Spent Saturday buying the rest of the stuff on our baby essentials list from Buy Buy Baby and IKEA. We also installed a banister for my mom's sake, she's staying with us for a while and doesn't have the best balance so we thought it was essential to have. I'll post pics of the whole thing later on it the week. It wasn't too hard, except we have really bad walls and it was a pain in the butt to find the studs so we ended up drilling way too many holes that we'll eventually have to patch up.

I also finished packing my hospital bag. Here's what I ended up packing:
- comfy PJs that also work as lounging around clothes, robe, socks, slippers, flip-flops for shower
- underwear, nursing tanks/bras, nursing pads, (plan to use hospital's giga maxi-pads)
- going home clothes
- receiving blanket + stuffed toy to put in the baby's bassinet, going home clothes, mittens/hat, nail clipper
- baby journal
- travel sized basic toiletries for both of us (toothbrush/toothpaste etc)
- makeup bag
- large ziplock full of snacks (fruit strips, granola bars, mints, lollipops)

I also attached an index card outside of the bag listing out items not to forget that aren't in the bag (e.g. iPad, camera, chargers, boppy pillow, extra pillow, birthing ball, my regular bag etc.).

Hillsy seems to think that she'll arrive a week early (if she's anything like me that is). I guess you could say we're ready.


Adele {modernemotive} said...

Beautiful photo M. You must be getting so excited. Sounds like you're all ready to go. All the best for when it does happen. Can't wait to meet Emma!

julles said...

marichelle you look amazing!! im sorry i didnt get to attend ur baby shower.. it was chris' 35th bday that same day.. hope it was amazing.. you deserve only the best.. cant wait to meet little emma!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Okay....if that isn't THE most BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly I have ever seen, I don't know what is! Wow...darlin. You are just an incredibly beautiful gal, pregnant and not pregnant. So proud of you that you are all set to go, if you need ANYTHING...just call me.
I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!

Ez said...

What a gorgeous photo Biz! You really rock the whole pregnancy thing don't you!
I can't believe the time is almost here! You guys are going to do great...and Emma is going to be everything you have been dreaming of and more! Hugs to all three of you. xo Ez

Zee said...

Love that pic!!! Sooooo gorgeous! You have to hang that one up in Emma's room...Can't you speed walk or something :) we're just dying to see her :)

Cindy said...

your belly is so cute and i love your bag, too!

Helen's Handmade Home said...

Such a gorgeous photo! Really good to hear you are ready... you never know when she might make an appearance!

My advise to you is not to stress in the first few weeks when things just done get done... especially writing your blog! (not that we don't all want to hear how you are getting on, of course!). I struggled to find time to do anything normal and although things got progressively better, it wasn't until the 12th week I actually managed to find some sort of normality/routine!

So take a break... we'll miss you, but you really must!! xxx

courtney. said...

such a beautiful photo! the next four weeks will probably go by super quickly, and it's good that you are prepared!

Marichelle said...

you guys are too sweet! Thanks everyone, although I should probably take a picture of my swollen ankles just to give you the whole picture ;) Julles, no worries! Thanks Helen, I may need to take a short break :)

Sammi said...

Sounds like you're all prepared, Marichelle, and your bump looks ready to pop!

Can't believe how quickly it's come around, my dear!

Amie said...

What an adorable little pregnant belly! You look amazing for almost being through to the end. Congrats, and stay strong and safe!

lisacitron said...

So happy to see you doing so well. I cannot believe you live spitting distance and i havent seen you in 6 months :-(

So glad that you are going down the Doula route. I did w/both kids best experience... still keep in touch with my Doula 10 years later. She was an important part of why i had such a good experience giving birth. HIGHLY recommend,and while it's been 10 yrs feel free to call me w/any questions.

b a i l e y d o e s n ' t b a r k said...

so excited to meet mini m! x