Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bump Update


Third trimester! Woohooo!
I can't believe I'm almost there. Apparently I should expect the bump to get bigger than this (according to my mom friends), although I honestly can't imagine it any bigger!? I've gained about 30 pounds so far which my lower back is paying for, big time. I've started to feel a little nauseous here and there - but not as bad as it was during my first trimester (first three months). I haven't experienced that much swelling in the legs/feet yet, but I'm sure that will soon be an issue as it gets hotter and hotter.

I've started reading the chapter about labor and the different options about managing labor pains. Scary. Let's see, what else is happening this month... I'll be signing us up for childbirth classes at the hospital and I'm also going to start pre-natal yoga classes next week at a local yoga center. I'm not a huge yoga person but I thought it would be good way to meet other pregnant women in my town. Maybe?


Melissa de la Fuente said...

You look so beautiful hun & I think that is a great idea to meet other new moms!

Ez said...

Best pregnancy photo ever!!! : )
The yoga class sounds like a brilliant idea! Smart momma!

Marichelle said...

Thanks guys :))

Leililaloo said...

How beautiful your little bump is!! I wish you soooooooooomuch luck in your last trimester.

Adele said...

So cute M. Hope you are well. It's been a while. :)

Adele xo

Galit said...

What gorgeous photos!! You look so beautiful!!

Marichelle said...

Thank you so much!! You guys are too sweet :)