Friday, May 7, 2010


Hi everyone! I woke up this morning with a very strange email in my inbox. An automated email saying that my Heart Handmade RSS feed has been changed - so I clicked on the link. Looks like I managed to lose my old Heart Handmade URL and someone was able to snap it up and immediately created a quasi HH site. I'm all for new blogs but c'mon... using the same HTLM tag line "crafts, craft ideas and arts and craft blog" - that's a little fishy. WTF?? For about an hour or so, I was unable to access my old blog. I take full responsibility for allowing the URL to expire. The most annoying part? This new blog will now benefit from the search engine (SEO) rankings of my old blog! PLEASE learn from my mistakes and make sure you've got your domain names on auto-renew and your contact email address is updated.

Anyway, after spending quite some time dorking it up with domain names and DNS settings - I managed to reclaim my blog. You can now access the archives of Heart Handmade at So if you're still linking to the site (whether you're an artist who was featured or for nostalgic reasons) please be sure to change where you're linking to. It's no longer it's now Who knows, one day I might surprise you with a post :)


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Argh! So annoying! So sorry about that hun! I am glad you got your blog back, that would have been awful if we couldn't still access your beautiful site. :)

Ez said...

Oh no! That is so crappy that someone would do that. And the nerve of them to use your same tag line and all! Such a lousy thing to do. Argh.
I'm glad you were able to reclaim your blog at least!

Anonymous said...

that is totally yuck.

the internet never fails to amaze me with it's capacity for icky behaviour.

Bring back the happy baby bump news! : )

Daniella said...

ugh! i can't believe someone would stoop to the level of not only taking the url, but using the tagline!


i've re-bookmarked *your* blog, and reposted the link on my blog.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

ph man! this sucks sister sledge! i actually went over there before and saw it myself--wtf? people are craZY and just plain ridonkulously unscrupulous no matter what they have to say for are re bookmarked