Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Break

Hello everyone! I'm taking some time off this week to get a few things in order. Our garden is in shambles - the weeds have taken over, the tomatoes aren't as tasty as we'd hope and my herb box is not looking so hot. We've been busy bees lately and frankly I think we've dropped the ball. Both our back and front gardens are overgrown, bad, bad homeowners. Plus the weather hasn't been helping, when we finally had the time - it was either too hot or it was raining. OK so it's not as bad as this picture I found ... (but it's pretty bad)

Image: Home and Garden Webshots

I'll also be working on new product ideas and deciding what to do with my two blogs once and for all. I think it's time to make some tough decisions. [tun tun tun]

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The Accessory Lady said...

Overgrown can be beautiful too! It certainly is lush. :-)