Monday, August 31, 2009

Rummaging and Cupcakes

How was your weekend?

Despite the bad weather and an extreme case of PMS crabbiness on Saturday, mine went pretty well (although I'm not sure everyone who was around me would agree!)

Spent hours at a bookstore sifting through a gazillion magazines I wish I could afford to subscribe to... scored a garbage bag full of linens at a Church rummage sale for only $10 woot woot... finally saw 500 Days of Summer, which reignited my love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who sorta reminds me of my friend Paolo back in the day when I had the biggest crush on him in 6th & 7th grade hahaha)

... hosted a brownie & cupcake decorating party for a few neighborhood kids - my friend Ez who just moved into the neighborhood has a 10 year old daughter and I wanted to introduce her to a couple of new friends before school started.

Image: Ez Pudewa


Amanda Nicole said...

What a fantastic party idea! It must've been tons of fun :)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

how do you do it? you are so nice! and how do you get everyone to move to your neighborhood? how do i get to move to your neighborhood and eat these zany brownies?

red food colouring said...

i wish i hosted a brownie and cupcake decorating party this weekend...instead of working :(.

lisacitron said...

Marichelle - we had such a great time! Thanks for hosting... Next time at our place.

michky said...

i've had you bookmarked as a fav for ages but haven't been by for awhile.

just wanted to say i'm gonna steal your brownie&cupcake party - great idea.

and i want to acknowledge your beautiful community building spirit. that is a special gift of yours.

good luck with your new ventures, i'll check in to see how it's going.