Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Not really sure why, but I'm feeling kinda crappy today.

What's a girl to do when that happens? Well in the movies, they would run outside barefoot and pick some flowers in the field while they reflect on what's causing the crapola, right? So that's what I did. I ran out into our front yard (barefoot, thank you very much) and picked a couple of these off of our cute tree. But of course, I take a picture and share it here on LF.

Made me feel a little better... I should also probably stop listening to Damien Rice. Love him, but a lot of it is slit-your-wrist type of stuff.


The Royal Me said...

You'll need the following (if it's readily available):

1. Gigantic trampoline
2. Florescent nail polish
3. Going to the backyard and (screaming at the top of your lungs) telling the universe what you think of it at the moment.
4. I DO NOT condone drinking as a fix for any ailment, however, when it's got Hello Kitty on it, come on:
5. Hugs.

lisa said...

Funny - I am listening to D.R. right now as well - no wonder I'm feeling so dark! :)

Love your blog -

Marichelle said...

Thx K.
1. jumped on a king size bed
2. pepto pink polish
3. couldn't - neighbor's 3 year old kid was playing in their backyard
4. LOL
5. gave myself one - that should count for something :)

Aw thanks Lisa. Ya D.R. should be saved for those special moments ;)

the real mia said...

Flower might just be the best pick me up. And being barefoot... well, that usually does some magic too.