Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Orzo Salad

My friend Karen suggested I give this recipe Orzo Salad a try. I ended up making it for a little picnic with friends last week. I marinated the chopped onions in the vinaigrette while I prepared the rest of the dish - my attempt to pickle them. I added feta cheese (cubed), it was so freakin good. My only complaint is that the mint didn't do a good enough job at masking the onion breath (next time I might chop up the onions a little smaller as instructed AND soak them in some water prior to the pickling step). I find that soaking helps with the raw-harsh factor.

Served with roasted veggies...

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Sammi said...

Yum yum, Marichelle that looks delicious. YAY for food back on the blog.