Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I bought this dress from Target a week ago and I should've bought more of them coz I'm so in love with it - it's available in this color (sort of like a brownish/aubergine), black and white. I went back on Saturday and there were none left AND it's not online.

Friends & sisters, if you spot them at your local store give me a shout please!! Hook a girl up (this color <<---- thx Karen!!!! or black in XS), I'll pay you back! The dress has a built in second layer tank-dress inside so it's not see-through. Two pockets. Oh and it's got pintuck detailing at the bib. I believe they were $19.99$24.99.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

never fear! this girl just happens to be going out to a traget superdupper greatland in levittown Lawnggisland this friday so i will look and i will conquer for you my friend...
also, go back to my entry today...i just re-edited with a click-through to someone who took a picture of your banner from saturday!! woowoo!!

Karen said...

got it...and a got one for myself too :-)