Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I did it, they're all up!! +Extra pics up on flickr.

I also gave myself a shameless plug on Heart Handmade this morning, Jena of Modish posted the sweetest write up (almost made me cry). On Modish? I feel like I just won an Oscar.... Maddie is walking on our kitchen tiles + wooden landing + took her first dump this morning - my little world couldn't be more perfect.

One more good news for the day but it hasn't happened yet - will keep you posted as soon as it does!!


ismoyo said...

Love your miniature houses! Congrats on the write up on Modish, that's super!
And lol @ you plugging yourself on HH. Benefits of your job. You can do that. ;)

Marichelle said...

Thanks Issey! Definitely one of the perks... I guess it sorta takes the place of dental benefits :)

ismoyo said...

hihi.. you're right.
Congrats on the first two house sales!