Wednesday, February 4, 2009


hi gang, I'm taking a vow today - I need to get off this computer and work on my next shop update, no excuses.

It's sort of a big deal that I have the next batch of treats in the shop ready in two weeks because I'm taking part in two "things" that can potentially drive traffic to the shop and I really need to stock it up with the February goodies and not have 3 garlands from January up there. Pressure.

Good news is I sold another garland today - "Love me Love me" YAY!!! I'm so excited! I'll be heading into the post office shortly because I want to make sure it arrives before Valentines, since it is the LOVE garland after all.

I really love taking the time out to wrap and package up each order in a special way, probably something most higher-volume businesses can no longer feasibly do. It's my favorite part so I guess I better enjoy it as much as I can ... although I don't really have plans to increase production anytime soon. I'm really enjoying the limited series aspect of wunderlust, it's perfect for someone with A.D.D!


The Accessory Lady said...

Congrats to you and I wish you many more sales. The garlands are super cute!

Marichelle said...

Thank you so much!!!