Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Improvement Challenge

Busy weekend and Monday, let's see what I've been up to...

Remember this little issue?

- The kitchen has no backsplash
- We have no budget to add one
- I left the wallpaper behind the stove and didn't paint it because it was too heavy for me to move
- Even if we did move it, who wants an oily, tomato sauce splattered wall?

Short-term Quick Solution:
Fake tin tiling! I've always admired the beautiful tin ceilings that you often see in a lot of older city buildings and have always wanted to give that look a try. Although, I didn't plaster my entire ceiling with tin tiles - I thought that it would be a perfect solution for the behind the stove problem. Zandra spotted them at Home Depot and kindly called to let me know that she's found what I've been looking for. Bingo! At first I was thinking white, but then easily settled on the aluminum finish. Now I wouldn't necessarily recommend these sheets as backsplash, but
for this specific issue, it's a perfect solution. We only needed 2 sheets - they're about $20 each. I didn't want to mess with icky glue so we bought strong adhesive tape.

Measure, cut, tape, stick. Sounds a little easier that it actually was - the whole thing probably took me 1.5-2.0 hours.

I'm happy with the end results!

I also started painting the sitting room - it's going to be a very cool grey!

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