Thursday, October 16, 2008

Primed Up

I primed the entire kitchen yesterday, except for the space behind the stove. It was too heavy for me to lift out of it's spot so I'll have to do that space separately.

The guy at the paint store recommended that I use an oil based primer since there's a chance that the residue from the wallpaper adhesive could seep through water-based primer/paint. It was supposedly odorless and low VOC blah blah blah but I can still smell it and it was a b*$ch to work with. It's all over my arms, hands, and fingernails. I think I'll stick to water-based primer when I do the cabinets.

Prepping and priming isn't my idea of fun.




But just like in cooking, prepping is key in painting. Filling cracks and holes with spackle, sanding it down, wiping it clean, taping, edging, it goes on and on.

Today I'm finally painting! Let you know how that goes.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the kitchen already looks completely different! What a difference wallpaper makes.