Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To Do List

1. Clean up - our landlord is going to start showing our apartment. Eeekk, it's a mess in here!!
2. Start organizing the move. Home inspection went really well, we're just waiting to hear back from the sellers to see if they'll agree to our requests.
3. Heart Handmade planning.
4. My favorite spin class is tonight! Yay. I haven't been to the gym since Friday and I'm feeling blah... ate so much this weekend!

Hillsy and I are putting together a list of NYC must-do's. I know we won't be too far away but still... so, what's on the list so far?

:: Carnegie Deli
:: Mc Sorley's (he hasn't been yet)
:: ride the cable cars to Roosevelt Island
:: real picnic at Central Park with all the fixins (thx Jade!)

What's on your NYC must do list? Our list needs a little help!


Anonymous said...

i too live in nyc and find myself thinking of things i should try before it might be too late..

- take a red apple bus tour
- go to the top of the empire state building and take those cheesy $5 tourist pics (eek or has the price gone up since i last went..15 years ago? haha)
- take a guided audio tour of guggenheim, frick, moma, and some other random museums
- have a real picnic in central park

those are the top picks i think of when i have a leisurely day to myself, but i usually just end up getting my toes done or doing some window shopping :)

handmade romance said...

Hi my names Evie...I love handmade things and often check out your hearthandmade blog (which rocks) however this is the first time i noticed the link to your personal site. I live in Melbourne Australia and am planning to be in NY in jan 2009 (first time there) so Ive just looked up some of the things on your list...I think i will be adding some of these to mine. Thanks for sharing. You live in an amazing part of the world!