Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mission Accomplished

So the stakeout went well. Instead of renting a car, Hillsy convinced me that going on foot would be 10x better. It was, but after walking a total of 5 miles, my feet were ready to kill him for his brilliant idea.

We had narrowed it down to two houses so we walked to each one from the train station and got a really good feel of the neighborhood, block and the neighbors. Yes, we rang doorbells. We spoke to a couple of neighbors which was REALLY helpful. It was so funny, there was this one lady who almost refused to open her door. We were talking to her through the little square glass for about 5 minutes until she finally figured out that weren't Bonnie & Clyde or trying to sell her a fruit dehydrating machine.

It was a successful night, as suspected, we didn't get mugged :) nor did we see any Soprano-esque activities happening on our block. Two teenage star-crossed lovers canoodling in the corner was the most action we saw that night. At the end of the night we knew which house won our hearts. We made an initial offer on Sunday night and the sellers have countered it. We put in our final offer last night, so we'll see how it goes. Hillsy has nicknamed me the "Fussline Ne-go-tia-tor" (sing to Priceline jingle).

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