Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Eats

I ate lots and lots of (bad for you) food this weekend...

My favorite appetizer at Seymour Burton's - Duck and Chicken Liver Toasts crispy shallots

My ultimate favorite at Seymour Burton's (Hillsy discovered this one) - Fried Oyster and Bacon Sandwich + Fries are soooo good with mayo

A light Saturday morning breakfast (brunch): fruit bowl + bread bowl with organic lemonade

A not so light lunch from Paul's Burger - BLT sandwich (I was totally craving this).

It was Zandra's wedding shower on Sunday and Karen ordered these lovely cupcakes. Not another cupcake shop? - that's what I said when I heard about Sugar Sweet Sunshine. But one bite of their pistachio cupcake and I was won over! I think it's safe to say that their cupcakes are better than Magnolia (yep I said it!)


Liza said...

Yes, Sugar Sweet Sunshine is the BEST! We got our wedding cupcakes there (including the aforementioned pistachio flavor) and our guests were raving. Delish!


so dangerous Liza - it's only a few blocks from me!!