Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Eats

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, this one went as quickly as it came. So, let's see what I had to eat...

Sausage Omelet with Home Potato Fries from the Moonstruck Diner

Post-run meal at Grey Dog Cafe - I'm going to replicate this Sandwich this week. Brie, Apples, Turkey with Raspberry Mustard. That salad was so good, not sure why but it was one of the best ones I've tasted!!

Way too spicy Lo Mein from Yummy House - Granted I'm the one who said "spicy please".

Cherry Marinos Italian Ice - my favorite part? the bottom!

One of the best buttermilk pancakes I've made/tasted courtesy of Dawn at Vanilla Sugar!

Oatmeal with bananas and honey (my all-time favorite)

Disappointing Chicken Tikka Masala from Spice Cove

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