Thursday, May 22, 2008

At the Stationery Show

I attended my first ever Stationery Show yesterday at the Jacob Javits Center. I had so much fun hanging out with Melissa who introduced me to Susy (and she was so right.... totally a sweetie!), who graciously allowed me to loiter in her booth for most of the time :)

That's Susy (of SusyJack*) and that's her lovely booth and her even lovelier journals, pencil cups, studiopins and cards.

I stopped by to say hello to Christine of Yellow Owl Workshop. I had featured her on Heart Handmade and saying hello was definitely on the top of my list. Christine and her husband were both so so super sweet!!!

Melissa cracks me up, she's the best. She was totally like my PR agent. I'm still not that comfortable introducing myself let alone introducing my blog Heart Handmade - but with Melissa by my side, she was the one saying "oh and she writes the best blog...." Thanks Melissa, you are THE BEST!!

Oh and I bought this lovely 7-day scheduler from the POKETO booth, it's perfect for keeping track of my posts over at HH.



Amanda Wang said...

congrats on your first venture in trade shows! i was actually at the javits too... but at the other trade show, ICFF... i took a gander at the stationery show too!!! i am sure this has opened many doors for you! so exciting!!!

quaint handmade said...

i love the stationery show and get exhausted as it's SO big. SusyJack* is great and I agree the press pass is very cool!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, a press pass! How exciting. Did it make you feel important and official? I know I always do when I'm wearing one ...



amanda: aww, I should've known you'd be at ICFF!

cindy: it actually wasn't bad on Monday. I think the trick is to to avoid the weekend! By the way, I love "So you think you can dance?" too :)

andrea: I did feel very official but I think the best part about it was not having to pay the $50!! I do hope you're getting some R&R!