Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Eats

Believe it or not, I didn't have a burger this weekend! And I only had one stomach ache (after the tunal melt).

Met up with my friend Zandra on Friday and it felt like we were eating the entire time. I had a tuna melt at Grey Dog Cafe in Union Square.

Zandra is a big Pinkberry addict so I wanted her to give Red Mango a try. I personally prefer Red Mango, I think it has less of an artificial taste and it's much creamier in texture.

Love my local grocery store - it carries the full GOYA line and I'm lovin' this roasted coconut juice!

Canoli from DeRobertis Pasticceria - my favorite in the city

I knew Hillsy would love Grey Dog Cafe, so I took him there on Saturday. I had a Cuban Sandwich - roasted pork + ham + pickles + dijon mustard. Love their Raspberry Lemonade.

My favorite bagel shop Bagel Zone is now Native Bean - same croissant, different bagel :(

My new favorite bubble tea flavor - Almond (not as thick as Taro)

Siu Lung Bao - steamed pork juicy bun shanghai style from Je' Bon

Mango Pudding from Je' Bon

Smiley Bun - sliced tender pork sandwiched in steamed bun from Je' Bon . Not even close to David Chang's pork bun special!

Matcha Soy Latte from Amai Bakery & Tea House

... and finally the Parisienne from S'Mac - creamy Brie, roasted figs, roasted shiitake mushrooms & fresh rosemary.


Jee said...

Have you had a Stand burger yet?

a cat of impossible colour said...

I think I should move in with you :) Your food always looks so yummy, home-cooked and otherwise.

I've seen bubble tea places around Christchurch, but I've never tried it. What is it like?

Kevin said...

That tuna melt looks good and the roasted coconut juice sounds really interesting!


Jee: I haven't but Hillsy has and wasn't raving about it so I didn't bother. Maybe I should.

Andrea: awww, thanks Andrea. Stop by anytime you're in town :)
As for bubble tea, I love it... but then again I'm not squeemish about textures. It's chewy and gummy so not like typical tapioca. I've had some really really bad bubble tea - where they weren't chewy and instead were gross/hard. So, I hope you get lucky with the good kind - or else you could be totally put off by the whole thing! Almond, Taro, Red bean are my favorite milk-tea flavors. Let me know if you get a chance to taste it!

Kevin - you should definitely give it a try. I'm guessing you have access to it, since I saw the canned pulpo on your site.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Thanks, I shall have to be brave and try it!