Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Standing in the rain

Happy hump day! It's another crappy rainy day here in nyc, but Billy is belting out "Dancing with Myself" (on shuffle) and it's quite chirpy here at the hive.

I missed the bus and my grocery bag was too heavy to walk home. Luke, I forgot to answer your question in my comment - I use a Sony Cybershot 7.2 px (about 2 years old now).


Luke said...

Is that a Trader Joe's bag I see?! I wish there was one closer to where I live. :( It was really rainy here today, too, in Kentucky.

My camera is about two years old, too. It's a 5.0 px Cannon PowerShot, which has miracuously survived a couple of falls. (Woops!) :)


Yep-gotta love TJs. Hope the sun is out today, it's nice and sunny in nyc today (but still cold).