Wednesday, March 12, 2008

R.I.P Bagel Zone

I'm so devastated. I just got back from picking up my favorite honey & banana oatmeal from Bagel Zone and I found out that they're closing up shop (wah wah wah). Apparently their lease is up and the landlord has increased the rent to an obscene amount of money - bastard! I wonder who'll take over the spot, it better not be another damn Chase Bank!

Bagel zone has been such a part of my (our) routine. I'm in there at least 4 times a week and Hillsy has been picking up our Sunday morning breakfast from there for as long as I can remember. When I first moved into the East Village, I wasn't really into their bagels but then something happened last year - the light switched and I was suddenly in love with their flaky-croissant-meets-the-bagel bagel (it's the best). Now I'm gonna buy a couple of dozens and pack them in my freezer - lord knows how long it's going to take them to find a new spot, let alone in the E.V. They close the doors on April 1st, unfortunately I don't think it's an April fool's joke.

It's a sad day today at the Lifeflix HQ =(

image credit: Yelper Jerry H.

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Jade said...

I loved Bagel Zone! How sad! I will miss it. R.I.P.