Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not enough hours in a day

A few things have been placed on the backburner since my decision to develop the other blog...

Sadly, this project is one of them. I started making felt easter eggs adorned with fabric scraps and embroidery. I was also planning on making a couple of design-your-own easter egg kits but I'm really not sure if I'll have the time to finish them in time for Easter.

I plan on launching blog 2 by the end of next week so I'll be spending the rest of this week cranking it out. Plus, Hillsy and I will be going away for an extra long weekend getaway this weekend so that means no laptops and no crafting.

Completely off topic, but the guys on American Idol completely sucked last night - with the exception of the always unassuming cutie David Archuleta!

1 comment:

Karen said...

i agree, the guys suck...but david archuletta has become my fave so first i didn't like him cause i thought he was a little cocky...but lastnight he was endearing :-)