Thursday, January 24, 2008

My $5 Photo Studio

I needed product shots for my next etsy shop update (Monday, January 28!) and I wanted the photos to look semi-polished. I have lighting issues in my apartment so I knew I had to come up with a better set-up. I spent yesterday morning at the park taking a couple of simple shots - I nearly froze!

I wanted to offer an alternative view and show the product "in action" so I did some research and found a very very affordable way to make your own photo box and studio.

Yep - that's my Kitchen Aid Food Processor box.

I used a sharp knife to saw off the sides.

My tracing paper wasn't big enough for the longer sides so I resorted to using tissue paper.

Here's a sample shot...

You too can build your very own $5 photo studio! Here's a short list of the best HOW TO's I found:

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DFTH said...

Now that's what I call skill. I'm going to call my models, Ken and Barbie and give this a try this weekend.