Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hats off to Downtown Yarns

Inside Dowtown Yarns - they always have the best window displays

I finally finished my very first hat last night! I decided to take a knitting class (Hat Workshop) at Downtown Yarns, one of two of my favorite yarn stores in the city (Knit New York is the other one).

Although I didn't learn how to make a beret, I did learn how to use a circular needle...

... and double pointed needles.

At first it was a little intimidating, but after a while you start to get the hang of it.

It was a great class and will definitely look into taking more knitting classes in the future!


Karen said...

dag - that 5 needle thing looks dangerous!!! are you sure you don't need 5 hands??? you need to have hillsy model the hat :-)

Cea said...

Thats the kind of hat that i was hoping lola could make for me..


hey Camille! I wish, but it's not - I think it's just the picture that makes it look semi-cool. It's actually a very plain roll-brim hat =) that fits like a ski hat.

I'm currently trying to learn how to knit a hat like the ones that I think you're talking about... more like the picture here right?


Karen, it looks harder that it really is. But then again, I had a professional sitting next to me who could spot a mistake even before I made it. She kindly gave me a look or a nudge and said "no, you don't want to do that" =)