Friday, October 19, 2007

Unwanted house guest

Happy Friday (again).
Here's a small window to what my weekend is going to look like.

I think I was in denial about it all week and today I've finally come to terms with it... a little furry friend paid us a visit this week.

Short story: We found a mouse in our kitchen.

Have a nice weekend and I'll speak to you on Monday. Thanks again for reading and for all of your comments this week.

Long story:
I woke up Wednesday morning to the sounds of rustling aluminum muffin tins (I'm really good at "name that tune"). So I creep up and make my way into the kitchen as quietly as possible. The sound continues for about a minute and then it stops. I knew what it was, I knew where it was but of course I wasn't about to go anywhere near it. I pick up the phone and call bad to the bones - we have an issue!, poor guy was getting dressed at the gym and can hardly hear me because the connection in the locker rooms suck and all he hears is a frantic we have an issue. He calls me back and I explain that the kitchen would be in quarantine until he gets home from work and in the meantime I'll be searching the net for possible apartments for us to move into.

He gets home and decides to clear out the standing floor cabinet where the noise was coming from. This cabinet holds all of my baking trays, tins, bowls etc. Oh, but before he does that - we barricade the kitchen entry (we don't have a door) with a wooden plank in case mighty mouse decides to jet out and attack me in the living room. He comes out of the kitchen and says he didn't see anything in the cabinet but will leave it empty overnight and see what happens! See what happens? OK. I walk in there and of course what do I see on top of the counter? Mr. Mighty Mouse (small and grey - thank goodness it wasn't a NYC subway rat) staring at me. I then calmly turn to him and say he's in there, he's hanging out next to my kitchen aid chilling. He goes inside (not really sure what he planned to do at this point) and tries to find it... no such luck. He moves the standing cabinet and discovers that there's a huge gaping hole on the floor by the floor boards. Aha!

We (he) devised a plan to purchase sealant foam, poison and traps.

I didn't hear anything in the kitchen yesterday (the barricade is still up) so we suspect that it crawled back into the hole the other night. The poisonous bars have been layed out, we also have sonar sound emitting gadgets in two electrical sockets and the hole has been plugged with what looks like hard marshmallows. I'd like to say the problem is solved but I can't say for sure. But if he is in there, he's going to starve to death because he's not getting an ounce of any Last Night's Dinners.

We'll be spending most of the weekend scoping out the entire apartment for holes and sealing any suspicious entry points - just a typical weekend as a mouse hunter I guess.

My friend Zandra suggested that I place a few of these in the area to act as scarecrows.


Ces said...

I could not believe how this creatures can really act so like Mickey d'Mouse just like that. I grew up in a country where just the sound of human breathing scares 'em off. Give me a buzz M.i can give you more tips :-)

Z said...

Wow your'e good!! You still managed to cook pork chops after discovering the "furry friend"? You aren't giving it a reason to leave...hahaha...

Mer said...

We have a Jerry in our office. Sometimes he leaves us presents...

Marichelle said...

oh no! like droppings?!? :o