Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chloé's Wardrobe

As you know, I've been busy working on project Chloé
I'm almost done and almost ready for a full photo pictorial, but thought I'd provide a quick update of what I have so far...

According to Tim Gunn, I only have the following more to make:
1. The Trench-ish Coat
2. Sweat-suit altenative
3. The boot, the pump, the ballet flat
4. The shapely jacket and the Go-anywhere top
5. Signature jewelry
6. The under arsenal
7. Day dreses
8. After -Five look
9. The new cheap, terribly trendy item
10. Denim (one dressy and one to hang around in)


Tom said...

Very trendy. Felix the cat really wants an answer. Chloe's Denim wasn't a hand me down from Hillsy, right? Throw me a bone, put it next to one of his classic morrisey tees, I'll know.

Marichelle said...

Tom, here you go!

Z said...

I know....Chloe has a better wardrobe than me. Ever consider making adult clothes???

Marichelle said...

Definitely not! You'll see why once you start your rag doll.

Tom said...

definitely something he outgrew. I'm convinced.