Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Best craft tool ever

I saw something like this on the Martha Stewart Show a while ago and didn't catch where she said you could get it, so I've been searching near and far for it and I finally found it at a local art supply store.

This fine metal tip is a god-send and is helping me out tremendously with my current project. I'm not sure how many of you are working with glue at the moment and require a fine point stream of it; but if you do, this fine point glue applicator is a must have. It's a Jacquard Bottle product and their site has a really good "Where to buy" feature that allows you to enter your zip for the nearest store (also includes online sources - is one). The tip comes in three different sizes - .5mm, .7mm and .9mm. I'm currently using the .5mm one.

If you're not a crafter, I suppose you could also use it for decorating cakes and cupcakes for ultimate control over the icing. Imagine all the intricate details you can add to your cupcakes. I'm not that familiar with cake decorating supplies - maybe a .5mm icing tip already exists?!? If not, now you know what you can use.

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