Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Under the weather

I woke up so cranky and fussy yesterday - I didn't know what the heck was going on because it was way too early for the monthly bitch-fest.

I woke up a little late (8:30am) and I had to get out of the apartment by 9am. I hate the feeling of being rushed and knowing that I couldn't la di da around the apartment set me off instantly. You see, I like to enjoy my mornings with a nice tall glass of iced coffee next to my laptop as I publish "Last Night's Dinner" and read my favorite blogs. Anyway, I felt so lethargic all day and I couldn't figure out why... until I heard a little whisper (coming from my throat).

I guess my mother was right-- walking in the rain = sick. I sensed some pressure (feeling cloudy and foggy) in my head so I've stocked up on some ammo to help out the little guys fighting the battle. We'll see how it goes. There's nothing worse than being sick in 80 degree weather.

Anyway, gotta go dry my hair now before I go nuts.


Tom said...

Mama's ten simple rules - Don't deny them, follow them.

Just wanted to elaborate on this topic.

1. Getting wet in the rain will get you sick (unless you take a quick hot shower aftewards). 100 percent accurate

2. When she says, "bahala ka" (*translation - it's up to you), be afraid, be very afraid.

3. If she starts her sentence with your first name. brace yourself, means you're guilty of something.

4. If you don't know what to wear, for women, pick pastel shades of onion pink, fuscia, lemon and beige. Men, Khaki.

5. Must go to church (tsk new yorkers sorry, truth hurts).

6. Must love shoes

7. Must love purses

8. must love food, filipino food.

9. cleanliness is next to Godliness.

10. Be generous

AW said...

I know this isn't the same "thread" but i thought i'd add my parents' 5 rules of yo' mama...

1. Kiss yo' mama hello, good-morning, good-bye.

2. When yo' mama calls you, answer "yes" and come to her.

3. call yo' mama when you reach there.

4. call yo' mama when you get back home.

5. call yo' mama.

And while I'm at it, here are my parents' 5 rules of etiquette:

1. Greet all your elders, no matter how many may be there in one room.

2. Make sure to prepare food for 5 more guests than you expect.

3. Because you'll have plenty of leftovers (from those phantom 5 guests), pack them some "baon" before they leave.

4. If you are the guest, help by washing the dishes. If the host gets mad at you for this gesture, wrestle him or her to the ground in order to continue washing the dishes.

5. Before you leave, hang around the "lobby" area and talk for another hour. Then walk your guests out and wave good-bye as they drive off.

Marichelle said...

These are awesome!!!
Tom, #2 is the best one. No wonder mom always dressed me in awful tacky hand-me-down fuschia outfits for picture day.

Amanda, the dishes/wrestling one is classic - you have me cracking up here! I wonder if your #1 requires the hand (godfather-style) on the forehead greeting ;-)

Tom said...

Here's my segment TOP 20 "Yo mama said kung pinoy ka, sigaw na"
(* cool translation - Motha said, Holla Pinoy/Pinay).

1. Yo Mama taught you to point with your lips

2. Yo Mama's other piece of luggage is a "Balikbayan Box"

3. Yo Mama taught you to nod your head upwards to greet someone then say, AWH ANO (*translation - what's up).

4. Yo mama taught you to collect items from hotels or restaurants as "souvenirs"

5. Yo mama taught you to smile for no reason

6. You Ate (big sister) taught you to flirt by having a foolish grin on your face while raising your eyebrows repeatedly.

7. Your relatives somehow put their hands together in front of you as if to make a path and say "Excuse, Excuse" when they pass in between people or in front of the TV

8. Yo Mama always offer food to your visitors

9. Yo Mama taught you to draw a rectangle in the air when asking for the bill, which never fails to baffle the restaurant staff

10. Yo mama taught you not to sit on the bowl in public toilets, no matter what part of town or if your thighs ache like hell; and you flush the toilet with your feet

11. Yo mama knows at least one person who sells Amway and Herbalife as sideline

12. Yo mama used to think taking a shower and taking a bath are the same thing

13. Yo mama taught you to use shopping bags as garbage bags

14. Yo mama will often ask you to
'open' and 'close' the lights

15. Yo mama will ask you for 'Colgate' instead of toothpaste

16. Yo mama will ask for 'pentel pen' instead of a ballpen or pen

17. Yo sister who came from the Philippines refer to refrigerator as 'ref'

18. Yo mama taught you to say 'Ha?' instead of 'what?'

19. Yo mama programmed you to turn around when you hear 'pssst'

20. and last but not the least..Yo mama will confuse you when she calls you at home and ask "are you going home" instead of "are you going to visit" the Philippines.

Marichelle said...

Ahhh the joys of being Filipino. Thanks for the ab workout... you had me in stitches.