Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday School (craft class)

Zandra and I took the plush-making class yesterday at City Quilter. Although we were disappointed with the class, we both managed to complete the assignment with flying colors! Zandra made a cute pink puppy in pants and I made a bunny in a skirt. They naturally became the best of friends.

Class picture


Karen said... cute. they look like another version of the "Ugly Dolls". julia has a knitted one named Clementine:

MJ said...

Interesting!! Dolls with personality disorder!! I would only dare to say this coz' you're my sister and I know you won't get offended. But honestly, this maybe a new market for dolls. 'Have you been watching "big idea" on TV. You can make millions out of this personality dolls. You can call them schizoid,OC, passive-aggressive, all kinds of name. The ones that are normal looking can be called norm. Whatdoyouthink? LOL!@--I love you sis, you are so creative----MJ