Monday, September 24, 2007


Mr. Shrew-head, the latest member of the collection

There's nothing better than finding a hobby that you love.

Fortunately for me, I've never had a problem with finding new hobbies - from truffle making, finger-picking folk songs, knitting, shortbread cookie baking to felting barn animals. I think I may have a different sort of problem ;-)

A close friend Wanda* was once very self-conscious because she felt that she wasn't really "into" anything. She went to work, went to the gym, watched some TV, slept and woke up the next day to do it all over again. Recently, Wanda has finally discovered something that not only is she really into but she's actually quite good at it. Although, I may have to stage an intervention because it seems like the new hobby might be taking over her life. How? Well... she recently opted to stay home to complete one of her projects rather than enjoy a flick with her fiance and friend. She rushes home from work or the gym so she can get back to her craft. But what's got me really worried was a conversation we had last Friday. Some background info: Wanda is pretty obsessed with going away and is known to go on frequent Caribbean getaways during the fall and winter months. Not long ago, she called me in fear of becoming a "pasty monster" due to a cancelled sun holiday. Anyway, I couldn't believe it when the following words came out of her mouth:

Maybe it's a good thing if I don't end up going away this fall. I can save the money. I'll just take the days off anyway and stay home and make my animals instead.

She said this in all seriousness, without an ounce of sarcasm or ha ha in her voice. Be assured that I'll be monitoring this and will keep you all posted if an intervention is needed.

With all joking aside, I'm so happy you found something you enjoy =) Don't get frustrated if the passion for this particular craft fades away, don't worry you'll find something else you're good at... or maybe you're one of the committed ones - either way, it works out!

*names have been changed to protect identities


Karen said...

that's funny...i too have a "friend"...let's call her "jane"...and she too was telling me how she finally found a hobby that she enjoys (i met her new addition...very cute). i also have had the insecurity of not having a "passion"...but i think i've gotten comfortable with the fact that i enjoy doing lot of things...and maybe that's there really just ONE thing for everyone? that's sort of depressing! i think i'm going to head to Michael's today to see if i can tap into this new hobby :-)

Tom said...

Dear Editor,

I have a request to add to the collection - could you make Mr. "LL cool J" for me? I don't care how much you charge, need it as a present for someone.

yes i am serious.


Marichelle said...

wow, my first craft commission! And what a commission it is. I'll have to do a bit of research before I agree to take this one on!