Friday, September 7, 2007

Korean Honey Citron Tea

One of the things that makes my monthly treat-trip to Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa so relaxing and worth it is a nice cup of citrus tea that they serve you to kick it all off. As always, it's the little things, the details that really matter. Although this brand isn't the exact tea that they serve there, it does come pretty close. It has such a nice subtle citrus flavor and is made from Yuja. Yuja is a round, lemon-like citrus fruit, also known as yuzu in Japanese and English. I could picture this being a favorite sore throat remedy during the coming winter months (ecckk!)

It's gelatinous in texture, like orange marmalade and comes in a jar. You just add a tablespoon or so to hot water and mix. It's so tasty, I can drink this stuff all day even on a hot day like today. But I am a little skeptical of it's "tea" claim and still need to look into that one. I'm sure it would also be good as some sort of cocktail. Maybe I'll try making some citrus mojitos this weekend ;-)

I bought this jar from M2M (Asian grocery store) on 3rd Avenue betw 10th and 11th street. I'm sure you can find it at any Asian food store.


Crafty Ladies said...

I absolutely love the Jin Soon Citrus tea and I was able to buy some there! They sell a large jar for $13. It's delicious!

Emmapuru said...

I had my first cup of citron tea this evening. I loved it! It was only 4.99 at H-Mart in Philly.
Question: Am I supposed to eat the citron?

Marichelle said...

hi there! I personally don't eat it but I suppose it would be similar to eating marmalade? I find it a little too bitter :) So glad you found it!

Emmapuru said...

Yes . . . I suppose it's a matter of taste. I actually enjoyed the bitterness and sweet together.