Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cheddar Biscuits (Take 1)

I remember how much my mother loved going to Red Lobster when I was kid. It was sort of a ritual - Sunday matinée movie in Fresh Meadows followed by the Captain Jack Seafood Platter in Glen Cove Long Island ... ahhh those were the days.

There are two things that will be forever ingrained in my mind - the Shirley Temples and the fresh out of the "oven" Cheddar Biscuits. All pompous-foodies can knock Red Lobster and its likes, but I don't care what anybody says... those biscuits ROCK. I don't know how much lard the recipe calls for, but it is damn good.

I've been trying to recreate these biscuits for some time now and I have not been successful. Maybe it's because I refuse to dump a whole can of crisco in the batter. I made a batch yesterday but they didn't even come close. They weren't BAD, just not as good. So, I'll continue to tweak the recipe until I come up with something post-worthy.

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