Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Betty Crocker Cook Book & the good old 50s

Hillsy and I stumbled upon a small block fair this weekend on 11th street and 2nd Avenue. I was so happy to see old stuff! Usually the street fairs around us are filled with thai food, fresh fruit smoothie stands, fake bags, summer gauzy dresses and miniature food plastic magnets. This fair was full of vintage goodies. Other people's trash.. my treasure!

I scored a Betty Crocker picture cook book for $4, which is now my new favorite book. I can't even describe how much I love the book. Not only does it have an endless list of classic recipes accompanied by 50s style illustrations, but it has a section called "SPECIAL HELPS" that really gives great insight into this era.

For personal outlook.
Eat proper food for health and vitality. Every morning before breakfast, comb hair, apply make-up, a dash of cologne, and perhaps some simple earrings. Does wonders for your morale.

There are about thirty of these. I'll try to share 1 per day this month - each one cracks me up.

I've been inspired to make banana cream pie!

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