Monday, August 6, 2007

Trash Find: School Desk & Chair

Look what I picked up from the trash!! (Perks of living near a school)

Can't wait to paint the chair - I'm thinking primary red, blue or green. Although the random paint marks on the chair (I'm guessing it was in the art room) makes it more authentic in a way.

It's a perfect size for the sewing maching. I plan to buy a plastic bin to hold threads, needles, etc. to fit into the cubby hole.

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Tom said...

yeah I love that desk, very can put your laptop on it, make it a luggage bench, etc. It does have that PS 92 smell somewhat and and by the way, I found this square piece of paper underneath the desk (someone used gum as putty). The note says, "Dear Joey, meet me at 6. TLA, Amy" Could it be.......? nah i doubt it.