Monday, August 13, 2007

Shop Plans: Concept Board

I've been working a lot on the shop plans lately. I'm currently working on what I'm calling my "concept boards". It's a visual representation of the type of merchandise that I plan to carry in the shop. When I'm through, I plan to hold mini focus groups in my apartment with my girlfriends to get their thoughts on some of my ideas. I've also been updating a very very long spreadsheet of potential suppliers along with the product lines that I'm interested in, links to their sites if available, retail prices that I've spotted, etc. I'm discovering tons and tons of product lines out there - what did people do before the internet???

As usual, I've been avoiding the boring business plan (some would argue the most important) stuff - like profit predictions and cost analysis blah blah blah. I will get to those things, but on my own sweet time. I need to make sure that I am ONE with the bigger picture first =)

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