Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Just a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Tom!!!


brett said...

Hey Tom, happy birthday, I was unaware. As your gift, I will allow you to dump a few ounces of my own beer on me a few days ago. I also give you the pleasure of mixing tenses as I typed.

So soddy that Sandra wasn't there to "light the candle" on Sunday, but if you move yer ash to NYC, perhaps she'll do it in effigy of the birthday she missed. Feel free to dump brew on her as well. :) We can tell her we are identical twins (clearly separated at birth, with the effects of narture doing a real number on you).

Tom said...

My baby sister is such a sweet cupcake. Thanks sis,I needed that.

Brett- thanks bro, you are such a good sport! Always a killer time hangin' w you fellas.