Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beauty: Daily Beauty Routine

After reading tons of beauty related magazines this month, I realized that my daily regimen isn't all that bad - compared to what it could be, given the trillions of beauty products available out there.

Side note:
You know what amazes me? The fact that guys can use Zest or Dial soap on their faces, no moisturizers, no scrubs and they still age better? What is up with that? Brett, Tom, Luis, Hillsy... please explain!!

I have Karen to thank for introducing me to the Sonya Dakar line 4 or 5 years ago. It's a little on the pricey side, but I find that it's the only thing that keeps my skin happy. I've tried to find cheaper substitutes, but I just end up with blemishes and dull skin. So, if I can pay good money to keep my feet happy, I shouldn't feel so bad about doing the same for my skin... right?

So here's my daily routine: (my skin is annoyingly oily, but I've been told that oily means less wrinkles - so I guess I should stop complaining about it)

1. Clean my face with the Mud Lavendar (Summer months), Bergamot or Cypress Citrus (colder months) wash at night and in the morning.

2. Moisturize with Hydrosoft Lotion morning and night.

3. At night, I apply a thin coat of Sulfacet (Prescription only) to prevent blemishes - I've been using this since college (thanks Zandra, it was my lifesaver) and the best prescription pimple fighter I've ever tried (and I've tried tons, including Retin-A and Differin)

4. At night, I also apply a small amount of Yonka Phyto Contour around the eye area. Unlike most women who have issues with dark circles, I have puffy-eye issues and this stuff is incredible. Although, I must say that if you are highly sensitive, some users have reported a slight burning-like sensation. I've personally never had this experience before, but I had recommended it to my friend Marissa (who has very sensitive skin) and the rosemary essence just didn't click with her.

What's your daily beauty routine? Do you have any product recommendations? Any age-defying tips?


Karen said...

after trying to go the cheap drug store route...i've gone back to my "expensive" routine...hey...your face is your best take care of it! so here's my routine: morning/evening wash - Epicuren Citrus Herbal Cleanser. morning/evening toner - Yonka Lotion (normal to oily skin). morning moisturizer - Olay complete with spf 15 - i also apply SkinCeuticals Serum 10 because i just think it stops pimples. evening moisturizer - Yonka Creme 93 and Epicuren Eye Creme.

Z said...

Like everyone else, I attempted the drugstore route and all I can say is that there is a DIFFERENCE!! My mom's saying always pops in my head, "It doesn't matter what you spend on your skin, it's an investment". With that in mind I reverted back to my expensive skin regimen....

1. I alternate between my St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub and Sonya Dakar Bergamot Facewash

2. Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum it!!!

3. Sulfacet
4. i.d bare vitamins skin rev-er upper
5. Sonya Dakar Hydrosoft Lotion
6. I know it's excessive skin hydration but, Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturizer

Marichelle said...

Z - do you require all that hydration in the summer months or just during the cold season? You guys make me feel like getting a facial ;)

K- Epicuren? Haven't heard of that before...(uh-oh) will have to check it out.

Karen said...

Epicuren...another HAVEN product that they are currently Sonya Dakar. but, as soon as my facial wash if finished, i'm going back to my good ole Yonka :-) i'm thinking of hitting HAVEN sometime in the fall...wanna come???