Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekend Read

Happy Friday!!! I'm going away on vacation (flight leaves tonight). We'll be crossing the big pond to visit Mr. & Mrs. H. They live in Stilton, a very small town about an hour north of London. Looking forward to the village life - sheep running around in grassy knolls, four pubs and five restaurants (the four pubs and one Indian restaurant)! I'm not sure if I'm going to have connection once I'm there, so posting times may get a bit erratic. I'll be back on Saturday the 4th, so regular postings will resume on Monday the 6th. If you want, you can email with the subject line "Lifeflix reminder" and you'll receive a one-time email once postings are back to normal.

Just in case - I hope everyone has a nice week!! I put together a little weekend read for you, a collection of sites to check out. Enjoy...


Here are some sites that make me wish I still had a job (ok maybe just for a few minutes):

(*I found the illustration above from a Berlin-based illustration team wacker eins)


When I get back, I'd like to sit down and go through all of the archives from these blogs.
  • The Ivestown Blog - I want to live in her house!
  • Bodi - Beautiful images. I can't read it but the pictures say it all.
For my soon to be brides. Check out these sites for tons of inspiration:


  • I love Paula Sanz Caballero's work. I just love the way she mixes her illustrations with hand-embroidery and fabric swatches. I would love to have a collection of her handcrafts in small shadow boxes!
  • DIY graph and grid paper. Free downloadable and printable PDFs. (I forget which blog I saw this featured in - sorry!)
  • Need more fonts? A great resource for different themes (e.g., basic, script, fancy)
  • Bored with your Desktop image? Browse through this great selection of free desktop wallpapers.
I apologize in advance if I failed to reference a source. I have tons of bookmarks and I can't remember where I find them all.

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