Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Newleweds

Sarah sent me a link to her wedding photos and I couldn't help but share a few of my favorites. I used to work with Sarah at A&E but now she's at Lifetime AND happily married to John!! Sarah was the most organized bride I ever encountered. Rumor has it she bookmarked her entire fantasy wedding at age 12 (ok maybe 16) and once John popped the question all she had to do was import her bookmarks into Firefox, make a few calls, write a couple of emails & checks and the entire wedding was planned =)

Sarah, if you ever feel the itch to plan another wedding... I'd be happy to hook you up with Zandra and Lynda (both planning weddings and hating every minute of it!). In fact, you would be a great wedding planner blogger.

Photographer: Nancy Gould


Sarah said...

I love your post! Firefox has truly changed my world. I might want to consider a career change...perhaps I should take a summer retirement, we should chat.

Marichelle said...

We should definitely chat, but I'm not sure John would approve of me rubbing off on you =)