Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Helper

I'm not sure if most Moms out there would agree but I find it next to impossible to do stuff around the house (on my own) when the little one is about. I attended a mommy group last week at Emma's preschool and one of the moms was telling the group about how her 3 year old son "helps" her with laundry, cleaning the house, prepping dinner etc. It was the only way she could get things done!

Preparing Supper

I thought I'd give it a shot this week. I have to say, prepping dinner last night went swimmingly well. Yes it was a little messier than usual, the kitchen floor was a little wet from all the splashing (and so was her t-shirt) but dinner got done semi-peacefully! It was a win win for all.

Cut n Peel

I knew she would enjoy helping me prepare the Cottage Pie because she loves chopping up veggies with her Kidoozie Garden Fresh Fruits & Veggies - Pretend Cut and Peel set (cutting board is from IKEA). Unfortunately she couldn't help with the cutting part for obvious reasons, but she did wash the potatoes & carrots and helped transfer the cut vegetables into the pot. She also loves turning the faucet on and off. It was so cute seeing how happy and proud she felt after preparing dinner - she even told Daddy all about it during dinner!

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Ez said...

Hooray! I bet "helping" you out around the house will help her grow in to a confident little person while she also learns the importance of working together. High five Supermom! You did it again!