Thursday, September 13, 2012

1st day of Preschool


We survived the first week of Preschool (early 2s program).
Emma was a champ! I dropped her off and there was no looking back.


When it was time to pick her up... the other kids came leaping out of the classroom to give their moms hugs and she remained seated on the floor (not even a head turn) playing with all of the new toys. (Ouch!) I know, I know. It's a good thing.

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Lina GedminÄ— said...

Oh, the pretty girl Emma - I can not believe she's only two years old!! She looks like she's three!! Hope shes fine in the Preschool? My boy is 18 months and next March he starts going to Preschool too.. I'm a little bit afraid about that..