Tuesday, October 18, 2011

nan and granddad

My in-laws from England recently paid us a visit - sadly they left a couple of days ago and our house is eerily quiet without them. I'm sure just the thought of your in-laws staying in your home for three weeks would send most of you straight into the looney bin, but I can honestly say that it is always a pleasure when mine come to visit. Call me crazy, but I even wish they'd stay longer! I was never close to any of my grandparents so it was a total joy for me watching them with Emma. I've learned so much from them and I hope one day Hillsy and I can be just like them with our own grandkids.

I took a ton of photos and videos during their stay but this short video is one of my faves.
I'm sure if Emma could talk she'd say I miss you nan and granddad!


melissa loves said...

They are truly so incredibly kind, sweet and generous with her. Clearly, they love her more than anything and it really is so fun and sweet to watch them with her. They are EXACTLY how grandparents should be and I hope to be just like them someday too. :)

Karen said...

adorable! mrs. hills is too cute!